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Module 3 – Management Cycle

Lesson 3 – Screening & Red Flags

In order to find a qualified tenant you must screen but this can be dangerous with Fair Housing Laws as landmines. Keep in mind with Fair Housing it is all about treating everyone the same. Here are 5 must have procedures.

Have a Procedure

  • Ask Open Ended Questions – ask questions from application
  • Ask Same Questions to Everyone
  • Have a Criteria Form with your Application
  • Be Professional and Friendly

What Red Flags should you watch out for when screening applicant?

  • Applicant can move in NOW and is pushy
  • Wants to pay with cash or personal check
  • Offers to pay 6 months to 1 year rent in advance
  • Talks too much – life history, sad story, fast
  • Story/documentation changes or becomes complicated
  • Different people show up at showing
  • Don’t have credit, job, references, rental history, blank periods in rental history
  • Vague answers; get upset with questions
  • Don’t follow instructions
  • Application is left blank in sections
  • Dog is a lab mix or American Stafford Terrier