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Module 3 – Management Cycle

Lesson 4 – Showing Property

Showing a property now-a-days can be done in person or with keyless lockboxes. For most private landlords it will be in person. To me this is one of the most important parts of screening an applicant. I am looking for behavior that will reflect what kind of tenant they will be.

  • Do you show property occupied or when vacant?
  • Follow FH – No Steering (can’t say…no playground if you don’t want kids)
  • Limit showing time
  • Do group showings
  • Get to property early and prepare
  • Have Prospects reconfirm appointment time.
  • Do you have to rent to First Come, First Serve?
  • Check out cars, Appearance, Behaviors

Tip: If they follow your instructions they will most likely follow your lease.