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Module 5 – You’re In Business

Lesson 3 – Congrats & What’s Next?

I want to thank you all for spending your valuable time with me.  Just like you I started out as a landlord and moved into becoming a professional.  I hope my decades of real world experience as a professional has given you the confidence that you too can do this.  You, too can run a successful rental business.

You have taken the first step which was to get informed and educated.  Experience tells me that once people need to start putting into practice what we have covered today lots of questions come up.

I want to be able to support you as you navigate your way through the process so I have started a membership program to keep the conversation and education going.

You will ALWAYS have access to your course and if you join the membership you will continue to receive updates, and support from me.  I check in weekly to answer questions so you can keep moving forward.

Being a landlord right now can be scary with ever changing laws but it is also a great opportunity to organize and put in place the foundation of your business. If you are an investor with lots of properties and your own management team make sure to check out Property Management Products written by PM professionals for PM’s that are 100% customizable, Fair Housing Compliant, and will streamline your Operations for success.  All products are digital downloads so you can get started immediately. As our Tagline states: You Don’t Have to Reinvent the Wheel!


 This the place where you gracefully close the course. We don’t want to fully say goodbye though. Instead, leave your students with a clear path of what to do next. This could be a fantastic opportunity to cross-sell your students on another product, or send them out onto a special email sequence.

This section is very important as it helps keep customers in your universe of knowledge and in your sphere of influence. Use this as an opportunity to check out more resources and continue their deep learning on the subject at hand.

You’ve Got This!