Deb Newell

A self-described “Fixer”, Entrepreneur, Strategic Leader, and Consultant, Deb Newell MBA, MPM® RMP® Realtor® offers expert one-on-one consulting for the Property Management industry. She works in a variety of different capacities in the property management industry, helping single-family, multifamily, turnkey, and B2R businesses, leadership groups, software companies, and more. Since 2010 she has refined and perfected her craft in aiding and finding solutions for each client, with a strong focus on people, processes, technology, marketing, asset management, financials, business growth, strategic planning, and more.

Deb holds a double concentration MBA in both Leadership and Marketing, with a B.S. in Political Science. She has a background in leadership training, business strategy, project management, maintenance solutions, team development, S.W.O.T. analysis, revenue growth, and product solutions. Deb’s expertise stems from Six Sigma training and in providing bottom-line results with a lean management style. Her specialty is to identify and provide solutions to pain points in her client’s business, with a balanced approach to ensure that the root cause of an issue is addressed rather than just ‘symptom solving’. Deb also has a proven approach to maintenance, aiding companies to successfully create, execute, and profit from maintenance.

Backstory: Deb started renovating investment properties as a hobby in 1998, turning over 35 properties in 4 years and keeping most as rental investments. As a result, Deb has managed thousands of rental properties in 21 years, successfully started and sold a property management company, and is the general contractor of a maintenance and renovation company.

Deb has served at the local and national level with NARPM (National Association of Residential Property Managers) as Vice-Chair, Chair, and Regional Vice-President. She has also served on both local and state realtor association boards, and as Vice-Chair and Chair for 2 NAR committees from 2014-2020.

Consulting Topics:

  • Starting a new property management company
  • Employee hiring and training
  • Process Building
  • Org Structure
  • Tech Stack implementation
  • Driving efficiency in the business
  • P&L review
  • Company Valuations (Assist with Buying/Selling a PMC)
  • Interim COO
Deb Newell