When I say Kathleen changed my life, I mean my life, and not just my business practices. I’m a former teacher and accidental businesswoman who did not grow my portfolio with intention. My anxiety level was so high from my work frustrations it trickled over into all other areas of my life. It was important for me to find a coach who I could relate to and who shared the same property management philosophy as I did. Kathleen provided support, suggestions on ways to conduct business I’d never thought of, as well as motivation to achieve my goals now rather than later. I am now showing up as my authentic self, growing my business intentionally, and after some introspection with Kathleen, I obtained my Broker License within months after putting off the test for over a year. I needed someone in my corner to help me gain the confidence to do the things I knew I should be doing but was too scared to do. I am so much happier and less stressed in general after working with Kathleen for the past year. During our last session I told Kathleen she saved my life. She let me know she provided the tools, but I did all the work. Well if that’s the case, the tool she provided was a file to break out of a prison of my own making. I can’t thank you enough Kathleen for what you’ve helped me to accomplish!

Candace EllisonNewWest Property Management