Labor Day Celebrating Property Management Milestones, Goals and Accomplishments

For many Labor Day is a three-day weekend. For others it is about labor unions, and employee rights. In Europe it is a day of peaceful protests and parades. So, what does Labor Day mean to you the Professional Property Manager?

1. Reflect

September ends the 3rd quarter of the year, and it is a perfect time to reflect on where you are at, and what is remaining of your goals for the year. What have you checked off your list? What have you implemented or changed to make your business more efficient? What new services have you rolled out to increase your profitability? What has gone well for you and more importantly what hasn’t gone well? Where are you facing challenges? We learn the most when we are challenged to solve a problem or find a creative way of getting something done. I know personally I became a better property manager and business owner from reflecting on how I would do things differently. Challenges help us to grow personally and professionally. So, take some time to reflect on the past 8 months.

2. Renew

Now that you have taken a deep dive into the last 8 months what did you learn? What is left on your list of goals or projects? Do you need to pivot, keep moving forward, or are you in the implementation mode? Renew your energy and mindset for the final quarter of the year. If summer has been a busy one take time to evaluate realistically what you want to accomplish by December 31st. Hopefully, you were able to take some time off to regroup, reenergize and renew yourself. When you are refreshed you perform better. If things are weighing you down remember that each day is a new start. What happened yesterday is now in the past and you have no control over it. Focus on what is ahead of you and continue the steady work of getting things done.

3. Revel        

Once you have reflected on the last 8 months and have taken time to renew your outlook and energy for the final 4 months of the year it is important to revel and celebrate what has been accomplished to date. Often business owners, and I know I do this too, we check off the task and move on to the next one. Guess what? There is always a next one. To keep the motivation going it is important to celebrate the wins, the tasks checked off even if small. Don’t wait for the entire goal or project to be accomplished. Celebrations are important and help to keep moral up, spirits high, camaraderie tight, and a sense of purpose for why we do what we do. Create rituals. I worked for a mortgage broker and real estate company and every time a deal closed a bell would ring. Everyone could celebrate another deal done. Whatever makes sense for your business and personality do it. Get your team involved in how they want to celebrate. I had an employee that wanted us to volunteer in the community when we hit a key accomplishment. So, we did. It was a great way to celebrate together and participate in our community.

In Summary

Labor Day is often viewed as a long weekend or in my mind it always meant back to school once the holiday was over. I like to use the holiday as a gauge to check in on my goals personally and professionally. Reflect on what has been done and decide how best to move forward with the time remaining. Renew and commit to the goals remaining. Renew your focus and energy to end the year on a high note. And, finally, revel and celebrate the accomplishments along the way. Create rituals for celebration and make the work fun and meaningful. However, you define Labor Day make it a reminder of what you do, how you do it, and why you do it. Be intentional and you will be successful in reaching whatever goals you put on your To Do list.