Has your happiness been hijacked by your property management business? It’s easy for business owners to put all of their focus and all of their energy into the property management business they are building. Then they eventually realize that they’re out of balance and they feel a little burnt out. This will happen if you are working all the time and you have no life outside your property management business. However, you can increase your happiness factor in three easy steps.

Look at the Big Picture

Put things into perspective for yourself. Remember that at the end of the day, the long wonderful life that you have had will mean something. You aren’t going to wish you had changed a toilet out at a certain rental property. You’re going to say you wish you had taken a family vacation or the retreat you were thinking about.

Assume Positive Intent

Change your perspective of the situation. You can be sure that the owner or the tenant you are working with didn’t wake up in the morning planning to screw you. Things happen in their lives too. So assume a positive intent when you’re working with people.

Focus on the Positive

Sometimes, we get bent on focusing on the negative when things go wrong. We go where we put our intentions. So focus on the positive. Appreciate the wonderful things you have in your life and look for simple pleasures. It’s spring now, and all the flowers are out and blooming. Enjoy the warm weather or Is Your Property Management Business Killing Your Happiness? Simple Solutions from an Executive Coachthe way your dog comes to greet you at the door, with his tail wagging.

Here’s a bonus tip – plan for fun and then have fun. Even if you have to put it on your calendar, make it a priority. Do the things that bring you joy and nurture you.

If you need more help in learning how to increase your happiness while you’re running a property management business, please contact me at The Property Management Coach.