If you’re an entrepreneur and a business owner, you probably feel pressed for time. I have some strategies that I’d like to share with you that might help you so you don’t feel like you’re working 24 hours a day.

Setting Boundaries to Protect Your Time

First, set boundaries. Decide that you are not going to work on weekends or only on one day over the weekend. You need clear boundaries for what you will and will not do. Blocking your time will also help. This gives you a higher rate of productivity and more efficiency. Block the times that you’ll return to your phone calls, and the time that you’ll return your emails. Block off time for your meetings and structure your day so you’re in the office in the mornings, then in the field in the afternoons.

Create Templates to Save Time

Have templates in place for repetitive tasks. This might include your emails, letters, forms, phone calls and voicemails. That way you’re not recreating things from scratch every time you have to do something.

Retain some Flexibility in Your Schedule

Setting up calendar tasks for everything is a great idea, but leave open spots so when emergencies happen you can deal with them without feeling stressed out. If an owner stops in to the office, you want to be able to spend time with your client.

Review and Manage Your Tasks and Procedures

Review policies and procedures and keep things simple. Sometimes we get a little too detailed, and that’s unnecessary. Outsource some tasks if you can. I have a Realtor who does my pre-inspection move out for me. Hire someone to post things on Craigslist for your advertising. I just got back from a great conference, where a lot of people were talking about virtual assistants. Think about doing that for tasks where you cannot afford to hire a full time assistant.

Stay Organized and Prepared

Always Pressed for Time in Your Property Management Business? Here's a SolutionAt the end of every day, review what you did, and what’s on your plate for tomorrow. Get organized so when you arrive at the office, you can be productive. Don’t spend an hour and a half in the morning to prepare for the day. If you have a team – ask for help. As a business owner you may feel like you have to do everything yourself. You don’t. Ask for help.

If you need help from me, please contact me at The Property Management Coach, and I’d be happy to help you manage your time while you grow your property management business.