Quick satisfaction is what we hear about all the time in the property management business, or in any business. You’ll see a lot of advice and advertising online that promises you can Get X Number of Clients in 30 Days! Or, Get X Amount of Revenue in 30 Days!

It’s a good draw. Everyone wants to grow and make more money, and most people want to do it quickly. Our society likes to tell us that we can have a booming business in 30 days. In reality, what you really can accomplish in those 30 days is laying a foundation. It’s hard to grow your business overnight in 30 days. But there are things you can do. It’s astonishing that in our industry, we have a reputation for not doing many of these things well.

Answer Your Phone

Return phone calls! I can’t believe that when we call people back at my property management company, they are surprised to get that return phone call. Other property management companies never call them back. That’s not acceptable when you’re investing a lot of money in your business growth. Answer the phone.

Optimize Your Website

Your website has to be optimized. You want videos and ways people can reach you. Include some great photos and a page with transparent pricing. That can be scary and people don’t want competitors to know your pricing. Well, yes – if they’re smart, those competitors will know your pricing, and you should know their pricing too. If you’re shopping on Amazon and you find a thing you want to buy but there’s no price, are you going to reach out to that company and find out what the cost is? No. You’re going to hop off of that website and go find the product elsewhere with a price. Get your price out there. Be authentic and open.

Be Professional

Write a blog or do a podcast. Address what-if questions that property owners have, and tell them why they should hire you.

These are simple things to do. Have your marketing in place. Sample lease or management agreements are helpful, and you should be prepared to provide anything a potential client needs, Can You Grow Your Property Management Business in 30 Days Business Coaching Tipsincluding comps. You want to look professional, like you know what you’re doing. Credibility is important, and rental properties are a huge part of investment portfolios. Think of yourself as an asset manager versus a property manager. Project yourself differently.

If you need additional property management coaching or ideas for how to grow your property management business, please contact me at The Property Management Coach. I’d love to tell you more.