You may be in a position that you’re growing very quickly, but you don’t have the money to hire someone, or you don’t know who to hire. Maybe it should be a marketing person or an administrative person or a sales person. Today, we’re discussing some tips to help you assess when to hire employees and what to do first.

Property Management Coaching: Evaluate Yourself

First, analyze yourself. What are you really good at? If you’re great at sales, don’t hire a salesperson. Hire a support person instead so you can be out in the field managing the sales part of your business. If you’re an amazing administrator who can handle logistics and operational details, hire the salesperson who can help you grow property management business leads.

Affording an Employee

Can you afford someone? You can try a few things by taking baby steps. I like to coach people around finding out what it would cost to hire someone. Once you know what you’d need, set aside that money every month. You’ll figure out pretty quickly whether you have the resources to pay someone. If you don’t, cut that amount in half and still build up a reserve so eventually you have the money to hire someone.

Be Creative with Hours and Employees

People often think they have to hire a full time person. Maybe you only need someone 20 hours a week. It’s enough help to get you over the hump so you aren’t working 24 hours a day. Get creative. We hear about interns and college students who can do a great job for Hiring the Right Employees to Grow a Property Management Businessyou. Ask around; you may find professional people who are looking to just work a few hours a week.

These are some ways to manage your professional growth. If you need help hiring the right employees, contact Kathleen at The Property Management Coach.